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Hi. I’m Kim Ebbets and somehow kids (and even adults) naturally call me Kim E. And one of my favorite things during a session is when a little kid shouts with enthusiasm “I had my photos done by Kim Eeeeeeeeee!” So that’s how I came about with Photos by Kim E. I even giggle sometimes when saying it outloud.

So a quick about me: An ideal day would be to waking up with family cuddles, coffee and homemade waffles. Maybe taking a hike in the San Jose hills and enjoying fresh morning air. Or playing with sidewalk chalk, sand and bubbles in our backyard. Though most likely it will be a last minute adventure to Santa Cruz to explore the beaches or a road trip to Los Angeles to spend time with our family. But whatever the days hold, there are always lots of cuddles, I love you’s, laughs and even tantrums. If it’s just a day for me, I will go antiquing/flea marketing/thrift storing as I am always hunting for unique items to dress up our home or your photo session.

Our sessions are a touch of whimsy, silliness all while being an adventure. Want to jump in a river and have a water fight? Or create magical giant bubbles that are larger then life? Or build a kite to fly on a breezy day? Together, we’ll create an adventure session that fits the personality of your family and bring it to life.

If you’d like to learn more about the fun that can go into our session, take a look around my website or email me at and we can set up a coffee date to learn more.

Photos by Kim E is located in the Bay Area – San Jose to be exact but travels throughout the Bay Area for sessions. She also does sessions out of the Los Angeles area.


 photo by: russell photo studio