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a golden hour engagement session at the barn in san jose, what could make this session even more awesome? well it’s for my little sister, that’s what makes this session unbelievable sweet and amazing! that’s right, my baby sister is getting married! she met an incredible, smart and beautiful woman by chance (if you ever can, you should ask her how they met. and laugh over the best dollar ever spent giggle) and it’s going to be such an amazing and beautiful wedding. i can’t wait for the big day (and no, i will not be bringing my camera as i get the honor of being maid of honor, wooooo).

they got engaged back in may while on vacation in hawaii but wanted to wait until the calm of all the summer weddings before they made their announcement official. and in non-traditional fashion, my sister proposed with a toe ring which we still giggle about but it is perfect.


and now to show off some of their images from their magical evening!:)



this is the photo where i’m really glad that i am on maternity leave. just as i clicked this image while standing on the step ladder, i lost balance, slipping off the step ladder and almost fell on top of them and strained my thigh muscle and my butt muscle. so it’s time to put the camera down for sessions after this, whooops!



normally the game of parachute is perfect for families with little ones but i couldn’t resist having them play a little bit of parachute followed by sweet sunset kisses. they were great sports on playing this game to amuse me:)


and since they were visiting from los angeles, we had the perfect excuse to head to psycho donuts to include in their session. which of course i needed to buy a few “extra” just in case we dropped any :) sanjosephotographer_samesexengagement


thanks you for being so fun, beautiful, naturals in front of the camera and of course, willing to do anything that i asked you too! we are all so excited and can’t wait for the big day!

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  • Kristey - ooh, that last one :)!! Congrats to your sister! Beautiful photos, Kim!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - Love these! That light! I really like the last one, it reminds me of the everyday moments of happiness.ReplyCancel

  • liza - so cute! I think the one of them laying in front of the barn on a blanket is my favorite – feels natural, like they’re just chillin and you happened to grab a shot. And, of course, the light!ReplyCancel

  • Shhivika - Congrautlations Kim, on your sister’s engagament. These photos are so lovely. Seems like a fun couple!ReplyCancel

  • Tenley Clark - Such a beautiful session!! So special and I love all the little touches that are unique to them! The toe ring is just too awesome! And that light is just amazing!! Love!!ReplyCancel

i can’t even begin to describe how amazing this family is! at the beginning of our consultation, mom mentioned that her family loved camping, adventure, dinosaurs and vintage flair. so based of that, we decided to create a perfect session for them. a san jose stylized camping adventure that was filled with (get ready for all the awesomeness): camping snuggles, no fire s’mores, chocolate milk, bird watching, dinosaur fighting, rock climbing, sunset twirls and to top it off, a climb up the hill to fly a kite and watch the sun dip away. seriously, they seemed to have brought magic with them from alameda (they were so awesome to make the trek down to this magical south san jose location as i’ve been wearing down as i enter the third trimester).



even the kite flying ended up being magical. the few days prior to the session, there was zero wind. so i was nervous that it would be moot to try and fly a kite. but on this lovely saturday, there was a slight breeze (which was perfect for the kite, not so much for the tent as that had a nice billow to it from the wind, haha oh well). and of course once we packed up and left, the sky turned a brilliant purple and pink with touches of cotton candy clouds! then the next few days? bad weather and cloudy days with no wind. our shoot day was perfect! sanjosephotographer_familysanjosephotographer_familysanjosephotographer_family

thank you so much for having me capture the magic and love of your family! i hope that you enjoy your sneak peek! though i will say that i had a hard time narrowing down this sneak peek, it could have easily turned in to your full gallery, there were that many photos that i absolutely loved and wanted to share right away with you:)

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  • Tenley Clark - OMG these are AMAZING!! (the caps still don’t do it justice!) Could those silhouettes be any more perfect?! And the sun flare!? And their outfits… and the styling… and the perfect moments and expressions…Gah! Gorgeous work!! =)ReplyCancel

  • Shhivika - love this session Kim! I like the use of colors and it was all so put together. hope more clients do such session. and ofcourse, you nailed the silhouettes! :) ReplyCancel

    • kim ebbets - Thanks so much, I would love if more families would love to do this, it was so much fun to put together and capture :) ReplyCancel

  • Susannah Gill - Here I was reading along with a big smile on my face trying to decide which one was my favorite when I saw the last one. Wow- having the word FAMILY like that brought the silhouettes to a whole new level! I can imagine that HUGE in their home! And to think you did all that with a baby in your belly!ReplyCancel

    • kim ebbets - Awww thanks so much Susannah! That “family” one would be an amazing print in their home for sure. And the belly was definitely getting in the way, you should have seen me climb up the hill with all my gear, I was so out of breathe and pooped, haha. The next day, I was so sore and probably pulled a butt muscle :) ReplyCancel

there are times when as an on location san jose photographer, that you have to think quick on your feet for a back up location. originally our session was planned for one of my favorite spots tucked away in almaden. i even took my daughter there earlier in the week to check out the lighting and to get some fun photos in of my daughter (personal blog link). luckily i always leave early for a scheduled shoot because this time as i started getting closer to the hills (where there is no cell service), i discovered that the roads were blocked due to a fire in the almaden quicksilver park. there aren’t too many spots to make a u-turn but i was able to get out before being blocked in and find cell service so i could let the family know to turn around too. and during that call, we had to think what next? oooh no pressure. rather than rescheduling for another week when we could shoot at almaden quicksilver park, we decided that we should give lake almaden a try (i’ve only shot a fundraiser walk at the lake before so wasn’t too familiar with the entire park). the side of the lake that i’m most familiar with (the almaden side) is always super busy with very little shade and made me nervous. but the bocce ball side of the park has a jogging strip that is much quieter with some small pockets of isolation. and it ended up being perfect with a nice mix of backlit images framed with peppercorn trees and a lake in the background. so happy that we ended up here, what a a beautiful spot to discover. phew!

anyway, here is the wonderful sneak peek of this fun family! thanks for strolling along with me trying to find some sweet spots and for letting me worry just a little bit. you guys were wonderful and i love the energy and fun that we were able to capture:)


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as a photographer, i love when families welcome into their home their latest addition so it’s always the biggest pleasure to capture the freshness of a newborn. so remember this beautiful session with this awesome family who was expecting a new addition? well he’s here! i was overjoyed to head into their san jose home to capture all the amazingness and beauty of this family. and their session was a lot of fun. older sister had a blast showing off her little brother, giving him lots of smooches, showing me all of her toys and books and even taking pictures for me (my back up camera with a pancake lens is perfect for little ones to “assist” me). thank you for welcoming me into your home so i can capture all the sweetness of your family and here’s your sneak peek, yay!:)sanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosenewbornphotographer-001-2

aren’t his diapers cute overload?! i have heard of the honest company but did not know that they made diapers with these amazing prints! when i got home, the first two things that i did? start transferring the images from the session and then googled the honest company to check out their diapers. i may have to place an order or two once my little one arrives (with the skull and mustache prints, of course! heehee)sanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newbornsanjosephotographer_newborn

and of course i want to show one of the photos that my assistant took! the only editing adjustment was brighten the exposure but this photo was all her. it was so cute watching her take pictures and she seemed to enjoy it too. though i’m sure mom and dad might have had mini moments of worry with her and the camera but she was super gentle with it and treated it with a lot of care. it was really cute to watch (though she might want to start taking more pictures in the future now? :) sanjosenewbornphotographer-001-3

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  • Tenley Clark - Aww.. these are too adorable! I mean from the red hair and the skull and crossbones diaper (I just learned about these diapers too!) to the amazing light and all of the super sweet moments captured with their beautiful new addition! Such a lovely lifestyle newborn session!ReplyCancel

  • Iryna - Too adorable! Especially with the red head and it looks like the little one is going to have the same color.
    And so much happiness in these images!ReplyCancel

  • Iryna - And would have thought the diapers could be a fashion statement? :-) ReplyCancel

as a san jose photographer who’s originally from los angeles and still has family here, i love being able to head down to los angeles and photograph amazing families and great new locations. and this family was absolutely amazing as we explored, played and choo-chooed our way through travel town (which is a train museum tucked inside of griffith park. it’s open daily, free and has a miniature train ride, perfect for kiddos and train enthusiasts). it was their first time at this awesome park and i’m sure that this little one could have spent the whole day trying to climb on top every train. i’m so happy that we could spend the morning exploring and even celebrating an early birthday for him, he turns two in just a few weeks, yay!


and although not the typical family shot, i love these shots of them inside of an empty train. the lines and vastness of them inside just looks awesome plus i love that look of wonder on his face:)


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  • Tenley Clark - I absolutely love this session! Such an amazing and unique location and so much sweetness in the images you captured of this adorable family! And how cute is the little man with his little faux hawk =)ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - Great photos! Love the photos inside the train! He is so cute!ReplyCancel